Nutrition in the Workplace

Pod&Pea Nutrition can create bespoke training packages for your business employees to promote wellbeing in the workplace.

I am an accredited BDA Work Ready Programme Dietitian


I can help you provide the most nourishing environment for your employees to help boost their mood, help them stay focused throughout the day, help their immune system and sustain their energy.

Services include:

  • group presentations on how diet can help prevent ill health in the workplace and promote productivity

  • helping with the provision of nourishing snacks and meals

  • manning an information stand

  • 1:1 consultations for your employees

  • provision or development of resources to support employees or aid with training

  • writing articles for any written medium with content tailored to suit your client base

  • training catering staff on provision of nutritious meals


To find out more visit the BDA Work Ready website

"Workplace health interventions may improve productivity by 1-2% which is likely to more than offset the costs of implementing interventions."   Take a look at the evidence!