Whether you are suffering from gut issues, want to optimise your nutrition for a sporting event or have a poor relationship with food after years of dieting and want to find out about Intuitive Eating, I can help!


IBS and Gut Health

Do you suffer from any of the following: abdominal pain, bloating, wind, diarrhoea, constipation, indigestion reflux?

I can help you determine the cause or if you already have a diagnosis I can help you manage your symptoms and gain a better quality of life. IBS is not “just IBS” it is a frustrating and debilitating condition which you do not have to put up with. I can offer nutritional advice to help manage your symptoms and if required help you follow a low FODMAP diet in order to pinpoint foods that may be making your symptoms worse. I have completed training with King’s College London and am qualified to support you with a low FODMAP diet.

I have been a gastrointestinal dietitian for much of my career and I believe that a healthy gut is one of the most important things to contribute to overall health and wellbeing.  Did you know that your gut talks to your brain?  I can optimise your diet to ensure you are feeding your gut microbiome the right food. 


Sports Nutrition

I have completed the SDA’s (Sports Dietitians Australia) Sports Nutrition course. This is a comprehensive course for dietitians that allows us to translate the science of sports nutrition into practical and meaningful interventions for athletes and coaches.  The course built on my degree knowledge of nutrition to allow me to understand the special nutritional requirements for different sports taking into account the individuals personal preferences, training schedule and conditions on event days. I can help you perform better during training and during an event by working with you to realise your potential. Nutrition is key to your performance and training without the right nutrition is like training to go slow!

Special Offer:

I am looking for women who are training to take part in events that will last more than 1.5 hours. If you would like a free nutritional assessment for your sporting event then please contact me!


Intuitive Eating and body positivity

Intuitive Eating is not another diet.  It is the complete opposite.  Intuitive Eating puts you back in touch with your bodies natural messages relating to hunger and fullness and helps free you from years of following other peoples diet rules.  If you can learn to trust yourself around food and not fear it then you can learn to lead a healthy, happy life and enjoy food.

If you are looking to make improvements to your diet and would like a meal plan that inspires you to cook healthy, balanced meals for the whole family and teaches you about eating what makes you feel good and improves your health, then my OptiMum Nutrition course is for you!