How to lose that insert (Christmas/Mum/baby/holiday) weight

It’s January!  For many people the 1st January means the start of something, a new start, the beginning of eating a healthy diet, the start of watching what they eat with the sole aim of losing weight.  For many they had this goal on 1st January last year, they probably set that goal many times throughout the year in fact, but here they are again, placing all their hopes on a New Year.

If this sounds familiar and you are one of these people, ask yourself, what happened last time? What happened the time before that?  Did you lose weight?  How long did you keep it off for?  Did you regain it?  How much did you regain? 

 Unfortunately, the sad truth is that weight loss diets don’t result in long-term weight loss.  The majority of people regain all the weight and possibly more within 5 years.   Does this sound familiar to you? 

So, if weight loss diets don’t work in the long-term, what is the answer?


The answer is not to focus on weight.

Weight is not the only measure of health.  Whether we get out of breath walking up the stairs, have normal blood pressure, healthy cholesterol levels, feel happy…these are all other measures of health.  Reading the number on the scales rarely makes us feel good.  If we have lost weight from one week to the next, it doesn’t necessarily mean we are leading healthier lives.  What did it take to lose that weight?  Did it come naturally or was someone else telling you what to eat and when to eat it?  In 2 years time will you be able to maintain that way of eating on your own? 

If you aren’t focusing on weight here’s what you can spend your time thinking about:

·      What can I do today to make me feel good?

·      What do I really fancy to eat that I would enjoy and would make me feel satisfied?

·      Am I hungry?

·      Am I full?

·      Have I moved enough today?

·      Can I chase my kids around the park?

·      What shall I do this weekend to relax?

·      What goals shall I set myself in work this month?

 Freeing up your mental space by not thinking about weight will give you time for so much more.  Connecting with what you want out of life will be a lot more motivating than that number on the scales. 


This is The Everyday Mentality

Everyday you need to practice what you want to achieve.   This is not a quick fix.  You are not aiming to lose X amount in X time period.  You are looking to make small changes every week that will form new habits that will one day require no thought. 

Here’s some questions you can ask yourself on a daily or weekly basis:

·      Have I done at least 30 minutes of activity 5 days out of 7 (activity that raises your heart beat)?  If not, plan when you can next do some activity – make it asap.

·      Have I eaten at least 5 serves of fruit and vegetables today?  If not, plan to increase your intake at your next meal.

·      Before I eat this meal/snack – do I feel hungry, will I enjoy it and feel good afterwards? If the answer is no to any of these, don’t eat it.  Do something else to distract you or relax you.

·      After you’ve eaten a meal ask yourself, do I feel full? Am I overly full?  If yes, make a mental note to serve yourself less at the next meal.

·      Have I spent at least 30 minutes this week doing something for me?  If not, put that 30 minutes in the diary for some time over the coming days.  Something as simple as having a bath, painting your nails, reading your book, researching your next holiday.

·      Have I done something active with my kids this week? If not, put it in the diary for next week.

·      Have I spent quality time with my partner or a close friend this week?  If not, book it in!


Asking yourself some of these questions every day and acting on them will mean that you slowly put the actions into place.  Over time you won’t even need to ask yourself the questions anymore (not very regularly anyway), you’ll just schedule in the time or do them automatically. 

The key is not to beat yourself up if the answer is no.  It’s done, move on.  Take action to change things tomorrow.

With all that time you won’t be spending thinking about your weight, you’ll have time to ask these questions and take action.

But, I still want to lose weight I hear you say!...

I would be shocked that if you ask yourself these questions every day, if you didn’t lose weight.  By using The Everyday Mentality, you will be:

·      assessing your hunger and fullness levels therefore reducing your portion sizes and not snacking when you aren’t hungry. 

·      You will be increasing your fruit and vegetable intake.   

·      You will be increase your activity. 


EVERYDAY!  Not just for 3 months whilst you attend a weight loss group.  Not just for 1 year.  For life. EVERYDAY!  Most people know that these behaviours will result in weight loss.  What that weight loss diet doesn’t achieve is changing your behaviour for good.  To achieve that you must make small changes every day to how you think.  First change your mentality, then lose weight.  Ready to start? 


Today is the day

Your mountain is waiting

So…get on your way!

Dr Seuss