First comes eating, second comes manners.⁣

This is my 3 yr old pretending his bread roll is a laptop "look, it's like a computer". My two play this game all the time. They'll bite their food into different shapes and say "look, it's a heart" "look it's a dinosaur". ⁣

That's tuna and an olive inside of it by the way.⁣

Playing with food helps familiarise the child with how it feels and smells and may be the first step to them giving it a lick or actually taking a bite. ⁣

Other ways to play with food include:⁣
🍜 messy play e.g. make pictures with cold spaghetti or make jelly with fruit in and let your child see how it feels⁣
🖌️ painting with vegetables - cut a raw potato in half and try cutting shapes into each half to use as a stamp OR cut the end off of celery and see the pretty flower stamp it makes.⁣
😍 make faces with the food on the plate or use a cookie cutter to cut the food into special shapes⁣
🍳 cooking - ask them to help with the cooking. Even young babies can be given a pan with some dry pasta in and a wooden spoon to stir it.⁣
🛒 shopping - get them involved with choosing new foods at the supermarket. Make a shopping list with them and ask them to put items into the trolley for you or to hold them whilst you are pushing them round (my son used to chew on all sorts that I gave him whilst in the trolley, lemons, broccoli)⁣
⌚ it doesn't even have to be something instigated by you. Just allow them a few minutes at the end of each meal to sit and explore the food before you remove it. ⁣

Do you have any fun food games you play with your kids? I'd love to hear them.⁣